Can I reach 1500 online rapid by the end of the year?


True but I do better in sharp lines against higher rated players I can't win in the solid ones tho


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What opening do you play as white?

What opening do you play against 1.e4 as Black?

What opening do you play against 1.d4 as Black?


White I play e4 and d5 (whatever I feel like) sometimes queens gambit ,Italian, so on

Black i try to play the main line if I know it for the counter to each opening

Compadre_J wrote:

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I have put my Endgame study on hold for now.

I am currently working on a few new openings.


I have been stuck on reaching 2200 rating.

I have never reached 2200 on any chess site, yet.

I think studying Endgames will help me finally break into 2200 range.

However, I have prolonging the study because I think it will be Embarrassing/Bad if I reach 2200 right now.


I have reached 2100 and I have faced Title players, but I have never played Classical Chess.

I think it would be Embarrassing to reach 2200 and not know how to play 1…e5 or 1…d5.


I think when a person reaches 2200 they become a chess role model and lower level players look up to those people and want to learn or get advice from them.

It would be pretty sad if I got 2200 and little kid was to walk up and ask me for advice in a Slav line and I had no response because I never played it before in my life. LOL

I have played KID & Gruenfeld for the majority of my chess career vs. 1.d4.

I have faced title players with those lines and they games are very sharp.

I lose more than I win vs. Title players, but the games are always wild and amazing.

But yeah I think I need to learn Classical chess.

oh am i meant to be a chess role model lol