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Carlsen vs Anand

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    It'll will definitely be a slugfest, but unlike last time where anand was the heavy favorite, its roughly equal maybe a slight edge for carlsen

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    If it's 6-6, then the current title holder retains the championship, I believe. That's what the rule was in the past. I'm not sure if they changed it to be decided in rapid games for tiebreak and then armageddon.

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    VikRajasekaran wrote:

    Better to overestimate rather than underestimate

    parly incorrect. if you overestimate you will play bad moves

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    nah if i overestimate my opponent ill try my hardest during the game, so personally i dont mind overestimating as long as it gets me in the mindset to play my best chess.

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    After Carlsen's performance he certainly looks impregnable, Anands got his work cut out for him

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    I think Carlsen has to be the favorite, although anything can happen in a short match.  Anand didn't impress me much in victory over Gelfand, and his record since then has been inconsistent. 

    Carlsen won't be agreeing to any short draws either, so if it comes down to stamina, obviously you favor the guy that is half his age.

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    Will be interesting to see whether Carlsen continues his theme of mixing it up in the opening, or whether he will play it safe and show everyone just how well schooled in opening theory he is. I think the later will play into Anand's hands but even so I don't think we will be seeing a Ponziani or the like from Carlsen.

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    i think Carlsen is the favorite but it will be and exciting match and anything can happen.

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    Aronian will win LaughingTongue Out

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    Well, now that Carlson beat Anand by 3 games, losing 0, it's time to start considering an Anand / Carlson rematch.

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    chessfan25 escribió:


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    anand beats topalov and leads 6/9 

    highly probably we will see another anand vs carlsen match .. :| 

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    The Game below Proves! Nothing Yell

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    Anand seems to be playing incredible chess again. Makes you wonder if it was some sort of psychological pressure that was holding him back as World Champion. Now that he has nothing to lose he's starting to look like the Vishy of old again. 

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    I agree, it looks like Anand has gotten his game back.  The thing is, is that Carlsen holds almost a 100 rating point edge.


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