Caro Kann


Try the (but a lot of these are ideas for White vs. the Caro)

In terms of books, try McDonald's Main-line Caro or if you want something both humorous + recent, seek out Lakdawala's book.


if you go to learn --> video lessons --> there is a lot of videos about the Caro Kann.


thanks but I would rather get a book not videos


The repertoire Caro Kann book of the Danish GM Lars Schandorff is probably the best available ATM, but IMO it's unusable for a player of your level.

Better study the simple Shankland videos (although they are a tad dogmatic, and probably not very good for low rated players, either).


IM Lakdawala Played/plays the caro-kann for years so his book should get you a good foundation to learn and improve from. The Schandorff book requires a base knowledge of whats going on as is typical with any of the GM repertiore book. I also like the format of Lakkawala's books since he answers those but-why-cannt-i-do-this sort of beginner questions that are so obvious to strong players.