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Chess 960

  • #1

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we can play Chess 960 (Fischerandom) on this site?

  • #2

    Yes, howver, I think erik's barely got regular live chess and we'll have to wait for awhile.

  • #3

    I have never participated in one. Would like to give it a try.

  • #4

    noooooooooooooooo i hate 960

  • #5

    I've never played it, but it sounds interesting!

  • #6

    there is now...

  • #7

    Go to Start New Game > Show Advanced Options > Game Type > Chess960. Have fun!

  • #8

    I LOVE Chess960. It's not the game we have studied for many many years, but it is close enough and VERY fun. No established openings, no early patterns, and extremely challenging. While I find it too stressful OTB, I think it is PERFECT for correspondence. You have much more time to relax and take a long look at the starting position, while OTB it's a bit more of a race. Unlike other variants, I don't find that Chess960 messes with my actual chess playing. You're forced to come up with a plan from move one, with all the same pieces and tactics from the classic game. There is a lot more room for creativity in Chess960.

    I think it is a wonderful addition to this site, because I find that regular correspondence chess gets a bit stale after a while. Thank you!


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