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Chess 960 Postulations

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    For many years there has been debate as to whether there is a forced win in chess. Although I think it is a draw, white starts with a roughly .15-.20 pt. advantage, and this certainly shows in results.

    With chess 960, this debate is expanded 960 times... For each position, the question arises anew. 

    Assuming white 'averages' a .15 pt advantage to start a normal chess game, but a normal starting chess position has some symmetry and openness which probably helps black.  There would certainly be variance in chess 960 in terms of how great the opening advantage is... but , I submit that

    1. On average, white's advantage is greater in chess 960 than in regular chess.

    Few would argue that if one side starts a piece down, there is a forced win for the other.  A 3200 rated computer could/should probably win every time if it begins with a pawn advantage.... so it's not that far fetched to think there could be a forced win with a starting position that gives a huge (let's say the value of 1/2 pawn)  advantage to the first mover.

    2. I propose that in chess 960, there is at least one opening position where white, playing perfectly, could force a win.

    I would like to hear some responses and thoughts.  If you wish, please comment on questions 1 and 2 with a:


    2. agree/disagree


    Also, I would like to issue a challenge for someone to find the best opening chess 960 position for white, and also the worst.  Explanation with a few opening moves or whatever would be cool.

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    Just a thought on the questions. I have just finished my second 960 game with the same opponent. I had white in the first game and black in the second game. Black won both games. We are both roughtly 1200 to 1300 players for chess 960.

    I have played only seven 960 games.

    I hope this gives you a little data for your hypothesis.

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    Is there any books available for c960?

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    You really need to read the dates on threads before posting ;)...at least this time it was only 2 years old and not 4 years.


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