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    I just looked at another big chess site and saw that one of its biggest things is clans. It is kind of like our groups, but in clans, you have ladders and the best clans. If a member of one clan is playing a member of another clan, then the record will go into the clan's records. so if a guy wins, then his clan will be 1-0 and visa-versa. I think this will be a great way have more chess.com players, and one of the most popular activitys on chess.com WE could always have more details on this later :-)

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    any ideas on this?
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    OMG!1 0M9!! %05 $0 907 pwnP!!!

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    thatsa good clan name lol P-:
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    Apparently groups and teams will feature somehow in future updates.  It's not clear whether there will be new things added, or just tidying up what we have.  I suspect a bit of both.  Laughing

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    hopefully. i THINK THIS WILL be a great new addition to chess.com
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    any more ideas?
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    Sounds interesting but I'm not sure about this.
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    why not?

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    I think it sounds really cool

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    yea, mabye if we could get the staff on it. . .

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    yeah yeah, we're working on this :)

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    I like this idea. It's a better way of knowing who's the best group without making it a vote chess type of thing.

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    cool, do you know when you will be done?

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    we will finish probably 1 day after we are 99% done. not sure when that will be. maybe 30 days?

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    any other things you are working on erik?


    and if we do have it, everyone should only be allowed to be in 1 clan, others wise it will be choas. . .

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    cool, only a month! i cant wait~!

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    Maybe you can use the EDIT button instead of double posting just to increase your points.

    I don't know if you're new to forums or not, but most topics don't get answered every 5 minutes.

    On topic, I'm pretty sure that the clan thing will be integrated into the groups.

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    What is the common characteristic between the members of a clan?

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    it might be nice, but i'm not sure i want all my games  in the groups record, if we can settle before the game that this goes to the group record it will be better, because i won't like to play only for my group, but for myself...

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