Chess Club in Paris?


I'm going to be spending 6 weeks in Paris every summer for work.  I was hoping to find a proper chess club to join, but all I can find mentioned online are the pickup games at Jardin Luxembourg.  I hear it's mostly 5 min games there, which doesn't really interest me.  Anybody know of a real chess club in Paris?  Thanks!


Try the Cafe' de la Re'gence in the the McDonald's. I heard it just recently opened a few summers 1681.

(....if only in our hearts)


Any clubs that actually still exist?


The Lonely Hearts Club....I believe. When u go in, ask2play Sargeant Pepper....

Ohh !....& then there's the world-famous waymous places like....

Hope this doesn't help....'cuz then I'll get jealous if u go.


I think there's one on the Chomps Elyse Say near the I Fell Tower.


omg ! !....TY AR happy.png


I played at the Jardin de Luxembourg park recently. Quite a beautiful place. As an American, no one was very welcoming but I got plenty of games in. I just had to be somewhat assertive in challenging people. 


The pub "La Popina" rue St Maur


Perhaps one of these can fill the bill: