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Chess experiment: How much does three pints of beer impact your chess ability?

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    It would change my walking "style", nevermind my chess.

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    My estemed empirical colleagues.  I am beyond delighted to be able to inform you of the pending return of our important beer/chess experiments! I am truly embarrassed by the amount of time it has been since the last "ethanol enriched" chess experiment, and I promise to remedy this shameful neglect at the earliest possible opportunity.

    Your humble chess experimentalist,

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    Good. Now, while you're at it, and given that you like to run up to your club, can you explore more variables.

    Electrolytes! I play worse for a couple of hours after a bike ride. ie about 60km including long sections of steep climbing. I lose up to 5 litres of sweat on the ride on a mildly warm day, which screws up my electrolytic balance a bit, and I postulate that my neuronal function is affected. A couple of hours later and I'm back to my usual standard, which would make sense if electrolytes in my tissues gradually migrated back into the blood and brain.

    So blood sampling is required to analyse electrolyte balance and maybe glucose as well

    All in the interest of science

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    "I have to accept that I may actually be playing better after drinking three pints of beer."


    Seriously? Haha! 


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