Chess for Oldtimers --- Good Idea !

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    Love Orson Welles, badenwurtca, and his films.  I have a friend who is a devotee of his radio programs, and listening to them I have come to the conclusion as others have that he was quite the boy genius.  He was a great synthesizer of longer works into shorter formats.  In other words, unlike what we have around today in this random access age, he was a talented narrative storyteller.

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    Thanks for the post Fightingbob. Yes Orson Welles was quite a talent and also a rather original character.

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    In this thread we do from time to time poke fun at the passage of time, however as we get older we might grow sad because time does keep rolling along ( and rolling along ... ). Alexander Pope put it in an interesting way: " Is that a birthday ? 'Tis alas ! Too clear; 'tis but the funeral of the former year. " Boy does that ever ring true as we age   lol . 

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    Here's an old one for you oldies... Today at the Olympic Games, the East German pole- vault champion became the West German pole- vault champion.

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    Thanks for the info Kaynight, sounds very interesting.

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    Saw an interesting item from Philosopher Chuang-Tzu: " Once upon a time Chuang Chou dreamt that he was a butterfly, fluttering happily like a butterfly. He was conscious only of his happiness as a butterfly, unaware that he was Chuang Chou. Suddenly he awakened, and there he was, veritably Chuang Chou himself. Now he does not know whether the butterfly is a dream of Chuang Chou or if Chuang Chou is a dream of the butterfly. " ( are we living a dream or are we living in a dream ? ). 

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