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chess in art

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    fburton wrote:

    Yes, many of these paintings are stunning.

    Btw, what counts as art for the purposes of this thread? Does it have to be a painting? Or a physical artifact? Would an artistic rendition done entirely virtually be of any interest (as long as it is aesthetically pleasing)?

    hi fburton, i think you/we should post anything you consider ART... if we don't agree.. nice :) i like a good/friendly disscusion...some might say aesthetically pleasing is not important... to me it is!!

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    Added today

    Frank Moss Bennet
    (1874 – 1953)
    A game of chess

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    I am glad because after working hard, the slideshow


    seems to works fine.

    Soon I will add under the paintings the name of the artist, the date of this birth and death (if), the title of the painting and the year it was made. Maybe the nationality of the artist too.

    If you encounter still some problem under a browser or if you would appreciate some modification please tell me.


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    Added today

    Roberto Raimondi
    (1877 - 1961)
    Italian Interior Scene with a Lady and Gentleman playing Chess with a Cardinal

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    Added today

    Nicolas Arnoult
    (1650 – 1722)
    Le jeu des Echecs

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    Added today

    Ladjos Ludwig Bruck
    (? - ?)
    Chess game

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    Added today

    Jean-Charles Cazin
    (1840 - 1901)
    The chess game

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    Added today

    Enrique Cabral Y Llano
    (1800 - 1899)
    A Game of Chess in the Bernini Room Villa Borghese Roma

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    Added today

    Enrico Tarenghi
    (1848 - 1838)
    A Game of Chess

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    Added today

    Duch school
    (1700 - 1799)
    Playing chess by lamplight

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    Enrique Cabral Y Llano and Duch school both became 99 years old... Art must be healthy :))

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    Added today

    Carlo Luigi Orsi
    (1835 - ?)
    A game of chess

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    Added today

    Continental School
    (1800 - 1899)
    A game of chess

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    Added today

    School Of Bergamo
    (1400 - 1599)
    A couple playing chess with musicians in an interior

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    Added today

    Alfred Stieglitz
    (1864 - 1946)
    Two Men Playing Chess

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    Added today

    Okumura Toshinobu
    (active ca. 1725–1750)
    Daikoku and Shoki Playing Chess

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    Added today

    Steinitz, Chess, from the Goodwin Champion series for Old Judge and Gypsy Queen Cigarettes

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    Tantale wrote:

    Added today


    School Of Bergamo
    (1400 - 1599)
    A couple playing chess with musicians in an interior

    Odd chess board!

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    wow i realy like the work in post 376  by Alfred Stieglitz i never heard of him.. i wrote down his name

    the sunlight tru the trees give me a summer feeling :))

    ooh i wikipediaed and saw that alfred stieglitz is a photografer

    http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_Stieglitz. i still realy like this artwork!!

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