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This is the way Galina Satonina saw Lasker, who was a very talented mathematician as well.  He published several mathematical papers and (quote) his thesis on geometrical calculus remains relevant in the computer age (unquote)... 


@ crosspinner : normal size chessmen, as this board has a normal size to prevent  suspicion...


Nice to see so many nice art pieces again... thanks #784 my fantasy,  the cockatoo barks at the litlle wiener dog LOL.


Without words :


In  addition to post nr 778 , Emanuel Lasker in Berlinek town :


And this text in Barlinek (not Berlinek) in Poland :


ha nice to see some art again and a very nice drawing #793... my first impressions was he looks like Aljechin ??


@ j-pax : this drawing is by Charles D. Gibson, made in 1903, --  and Aljechin is born in 1892, so... just the looks...

RomyGer wrote:

Chess in Russia started in St Petersburg : Petrov, Jaenisch, Schiffers and Chigorin played in the Coffee House  " Café Dominik ", since 1841, see this oil painting by G. Bakmanson, 1903 :

It should be clarified that none of the above mentioned chess greats are in the painting.


Just came across this painting of a game between Ruy Lopez and Leonard di Cutri.


@ batgirl , post nr 798 : thank you, you are right, I should have written two texts, one about the café and one with some names !

So : Café Dominik, a famous coffee house in St Petersburg, address Newsky Prospect nr 24, and opened in 1841.     The painting is by G. Bakmanson, around 1903, an oilpainting on canvas, now in the local State Museum of St Petersburg.

Than : Emanuel Schiffers ( 1850-1904 ) gave here his public lessons and Mikhail Tchigorin ( 1850-1908 ) started his carrier here around 1870.

Petrov and Jaenisch have nothing to do with the painting, okay, thanks !


Anyone to fight against Mike Tyson ?


In the town of Panavezys in Lithuania is this statue, a sculpture by Redas Dirzy, of the boxer Mike Tyson, playing chess and according to the text on the table : " I challenge you (!) to play...".

See also,   for a better impression.                                                       Any questions ? Ask me !


More of Tyson.


Officially it is called Chessplayer. The town of Panevezys organizes a lot of chess tournaments too.

beautifull statue but strange choice Mike Tyson playing chess... The current world champion would be a better choice  dr. Vitaly Klischko .. he has a PhD in sports sience and philosophy.

i copied this from... wikipedia:

Both Vitali and his brother are avid chess players. Vitali is a friend of former world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik and the two have played, with Kramnik always winning. Vitali has commented that "chess is similar to boxing. You need to develop a strategy, and you need to think two or three steps ahead about what your opponent is doing. You have to be smart. But what's the difference between chess and boxing? In chess, nobody is an expert, but everybody plays. In boxing everybody is an expert, but nobody fights."[69]

also european boxing champion of the past was a good chess player.. Max Euwe... :)


nice chessbase article is here with foto's .. for those who are interested :)


Mike Tyson was a strange choice.


The sculpturer wanted to use Lukashenko as a prototype. Though got a call to change his mind. Then he went with Tyson.


In a few days I will post again chess paintings on this page.


Thx Tantale this is a very good forum-topic.