Chess Openings


This time, Let's talk about the chess openings!


King's Pawn Opening:



Queen's Pawn Opening:



English opening:



Scotch gambit 


Great. Plz try to share (if posdible) all (white & black) opening in one article, in the same format. Thank you. thumbup.png


Here is what happens when Black plays a copycat game:

Then Black resigned because now he understood that he was down a Queen. 

So, next time in you games, try to get your opponents to copycat you. '

You might just win a game from resignation! 


1. Control the center(the center squares are: e4, e5, d4, and d5).

2. Develop your pieces. You should develop your Knights and Bishops before your other pieces.   You should develop your pieces as close to the center as possible.

3. Castle your King to safety is the last goal of the opening. 

Try these tips and you might just win! But you might lose in the middlegame or endgame! 

I will make another one about them all!!

See you next time! 


Never bring your Queen into the game too early. Because, sometimes, she gets trapped or at least have to run around the chessboard, wasting time. Don't bring out you Rook too early too, if you do, then you won't be able to castle. Get your minor pieces(Bishops and Knights) into the game first, then get you major pieces(Queen, Rooks, and the King(for the King it's in the endgame))

Might just save you a bunch of time! Thanks! See you next time!