on iPod touch -- with screenshots


So I recently purchased an iPod touch and today and played around with the touch and's online games.  So far I'm really happy with the results.  I experienced no problems with making moves in any of my games -- not sure what was going on behind the scenes, but I was able to touch a piece and touch the destination square to make my moves -- and even popped open an analysis board in one of my games. 

Worked so well I almost put a shortcut directly to my online games on the main menu of the touch.  Figured, in the end, that would be super dangerous to any business uses of the touch and my productivity in general.

Pics below. in Safari on the iPod Touch

Fig. 1.  The initial view of in Safari on the iPod Touch.

Logging in

Fig. 2.  After zooming in, I'm in the process of typing in my password.

My online chess home

Fig. 3.  Initial view of my online chess home.  You'll have to be pretty dexterious to go right to a specific game without zooming.

Online Chess home zoomed

Fig. 4.  Zooming in makes it much easier to see your ready games.

Initial game view

Fig. 5.  An individual game at regular size.  Hey, is that the reverse Sicilian?


Individual game zoomed in.

Fig. 6.  Zoomed-in on an individual game.  With some practice, it's pretty easy to zoom in so that the board is nicely edge-to-edge on the iPod touch.


Wow, that really does look good. A really  good experiment and thanks for posting the results here.


Thanks for posting the screen shots!  It looks great.


Probably worth noting that this is just the default web browser built into the iPhone/iPod, not the upcoming app. Smile


Didn't mean to create any confusion.  Stumbled upon a thread with people asking about the feasibility of on iPhone/touch and thought I'd share.


Thanks for posting that.  If we can play chess on our cell there any hope for living a normal life again?  Laughing


You've got the same password as me!

TheGrobe wrote:

You've got the same password as me!

And me too... I'm beginning to smell a conspiracy...


I too play on the iPod frequently and it works really well. Some buttons like the forward/backward in Moves window are still way too small even on the largest zoom level to press accurately though. But the actual gameplay works well.


When it feels really lazy is when I'm using the touch so I can lounge as opposed to sitting at the computer.  Nothing like checking your games while in bed.


Fellas, fellas... turn the phone sideways when web surfing!  That goes for any site, but it makes a huge difference here.  Much easier to read, and you're not trying to punch miniscule buttons that way.  It's perfectly playable until the real iPhone app comes out.


Did you notice the reply box @ the bottom of the page.

This box is called tiny mce. It would look exactly how it would look here if you were on the phone, but it won't let you type in it on your phone.

Also:(Ipod touch users) If you do not have a 802.11b/g Wi-Fi Connection, you will not be able to go on any websites.

P.S. You can take a picture of your screen by pressing the home button and the power button simutaneously.

lukeskywaker wrote:

P.S. You can take a picture of your screen by pressing the home button and the power button simutaneously.

Well, I'll be darned.  Thanks for that tip!  I've been wondering about that one for quite a while now.  :)


Still, even turned sideways some buttons are too small for my clumsy fingers. But that happens with most webpages. The zoom will only zoom so close.

If there´s a real iPod application coming it will probably address these issues.