tournament questions...


I signed up for my first "correspondence" tournament on  The format is such that I'll be playing up to 10 games simultaneously.  Any advice on how to stay on top of that many games?  How do you remember what's going on in each game?  How much time do you spend on each move (I don't have hours of free time to play every day!).  Thanks!


You have to take your time, it will probably be three days per move and if you rush to make moves fast you will probably lose quickly.

If you aren't familiar with this type of chess, a good idea is NOT to move the first time you look at a position when your opponent has moved.  Come back to it a couple of times and spend a bit of time thinking about it.

There is a place above the move list in each game, a tab marked "Notes" where you can put your ideas so you don't forget them.  Use it.  You may also use books or databases in the opening to guide your moves, this is perfectly legal as long as you don't use an engine to suggest moves or ask help of another player.