Hi guys just so you know, Chessnezia is a scam site.

100% scam. I've been bitten!

They've just copied videos from Phantom chess and posted it as their own.


Really? I saw the advertising of Phantom chess board on you tube and i was directed to their site. I was purchasing their Phantom product but i saw your comment. Which kind of experience you had regarding chessnezia?


After payment, they were prompt to respond and thank me for my patronage. All attempts to contact them after that was in vain. I subsequently discovered that the videos they were were showing for their product is actually stolen from Phantom chess which is genuine site trying to raise funds for an automated chess set. Don't get burned!


Thanks a lot Zico, I checked the real website site as you said:  Here it s written that you Need to  preorder the chessboard and you cannot purchase directly with 119.99 €. The real prices are quite different from chessnezia. Your post avoided me to be burned.





No worries mate


Yeah, Chessnezia is a scam, I also got bitten. This is the only review I saw about it