Creating chess diagrams

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    Using something like WinBoard to copy a diagram to the clipboard, the following can convert it to a diagram with a Chess Case font:  .

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    Added option to put Black on the bottom of the diagram.  Also a text "dot" diagram is added to make minor changes, but White remains on the bottom.  A dot or space or "1" may represent one empty square on the dot diagramSpace is not allowed in the FEN line--it causes the rest of the line to be ignored.

    Changes are in italics.

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    how can a "dot" diagram make changes?

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    Isn't it easier to do it in the Analysis Board and Editor?  You can paste FEN or PGN, of course PGN gives you all the moves not just the starting position like FEN.  

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    Zephuros wrote:

    how can a "dot" diagram make changes?

    Replace a dot or space with an upper (wh) or lower (bk) case letter to add a piece, replace one of those with a space or dot to take out a piece.

    The purpose of this is to carry a diagram to a document in word processing when the Chess Case font is active.  I was using WinBoard and my page to create a lesson plan for a chess camp a few weeks ago and found WB could either copy the whole game to the clipboard for insertion as ordinary text or a given position as an FEN string with which I could create a diagram.

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    I paste diagrams into e-mail messages either as a simple diagram or with moves and all the buttons.  Of course I have't tried printing it and that's what you have to do.  I'll have to try that next.  

    BTW I love those pipe fitting chess pieces.  

    Violinist huh?  I'm desperately looking for music to "Ola Janson's Waltz", an old Minnesota song played on a Hardanger fiddle.  I downloaded an mp3 copy before the Minn. site was shut down.  I can't play by ear so I have to have the sheet music.

     I recently fell in love with two old Vienna songs "Dance" by Stelzmuller and same title by Mayer.  I don't think I'm good enough to play either very well but I do love them so.  I heard them on PBS out of Tulsa and tracked down the CD.    Thank God for Bach!  

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    I see you have visited other parts of my web site.  I also can't play by ear but have lots of tools to work with the text format of my music notation program: NoteWorthy Composer.

    To use a website to manipulate your data you need to perhaps choose options and paste your data into a textarea.  After running it, you need to copy/cut its output back to your clipboard to take to another application.  If you can think of another format that would be useful, I'm all ears.

    I couldn't find the pieces you were looking for either.  My best solo piece is Meditation from Thais which I have played in several churches over the years.

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    Meditation brings me nearly to tears every time.  

    This is my favorite performance:

    My favorite song is Zigeunerweisen by Sarasate.  I only wish I had started young enough to have a chance to play it.  

    I compose with Finale but I have mostly quit due to lack of interest and a new computer that won't load my program.  Strangely my two best compositions are not for violin.  I did do a duet for 2 violins that I liked, but nothing lately.  

    All my chess problems are handlily solved with  But thanks for the suggestion.  

    Keep up the good work.

    Thomas Hanson

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