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Before Moore's law, it was hard to imagine how powerful computers would become. The SWAC computer mentioned was a one-off experimental machine with a limited instruction set that ran at 15kHz and had about 1k bytes of memory. The first commercial computers came out in 1951 and were slower. The first computer  I had any contact with was an IBM 650, which ran at 613 Hz and 10k bytes of drum memory at 400 Hz with a 500 byte cache of blindingly fast 1kHz magnetic core memory. My cell phone runs about 2 million times faster and has 800,000 x as much memory. It was pretty visionary back then to imagine a computer that could do much more than apply an evaluation function and pick a move. 


Indeed it must have been!
I was born in an era where computers were already something, but the internet itself was developing.
Now you have all kinds of stuff online and millions of apps.
It is growing so fast!

I want to learn how to develop and program stuff but I feel so little! haha
So much knowledge. And the hardware improvements as well!

This remembers me of Alan Turing's movie where he makes the first machine to interpret, discard and pick specific information.
I might not be talking too clearly but man!
The digital evolution is so damn fast compared to any other.

We are living this transition but how long will it take?
It scares me sometimes since I look around and see people delve inside their cellphones, texting and chatting and interacting. Yes, it is true, but to what extent?
None of that mushy critics but indeed the warmth beneath us is getting more and more binary within each passing day. surprise.png


Phew! Was a lot of fun translating it to Pt-BR. happy.png
I also included the info you brought on Goodman.
Looks great!


Computers stopped advancing as fast around now. Until they come out with commercial quantum computers, there's only so much memory and processing power that can be made

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Phew! Was a lot of fun translating it to Pt-BR.
I also included the info you brought on Goodman.
Looks great!

You are  sweet.

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You are  sweet.

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