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Daeth v. IMperfect: Match of the MILLENIA!!!!!!!11

  • #101

    As of recent events i think i will refer to the titled players on some of this here.

  • #102

    Hey the DJ is playing your song.

  • #103

    Borink thread.

  • #104
    Bicarbonatofsoda wrote:


    Spotlight on you just the way you wanted now get him. Show him who has the best moves. Go ahead champ show us how to win a chess game.

  • #105

    Has the cat talked you into checkin his facebook account out Bisoda?

  • #106

    And that's why I'm voting for Obama in 2016.

  • #107

    So has Daeths thread died a Death then?

  • #108
    Stevie65 wrote:

    So has Daeths thread died a Death then?

    Give it a few months, then I'll bump it.

  • #109

    What!!  Abolition of "Checkmate".How would we ever finish? And what would we call it "Daeth Voodermate"?

  • #110

    We must rally to save the Daeth!

  • #111

    When i first saw this title, i thought the OP was making fun of IM pfren.

  • #112

    He is not on the cheaters list. At least I don't see him. 

  • #113

    was Daeth a titled player?

  • #114

    @Daeth was an island unto himself.

  • #115

    Except during power outages.

  • #116

    bump for relevant discussion

  • #117

    To get to the point: Daeth is gone, finished, history, left the building ( and the site ). That is to say there will be no match, sorry.

  • #118

    I'm sure Daeth is still here somewhere.

  • #119

    That poses an interesting question: Did you mean the " Invinter " Daeth or perhaps the Grim Reaper ?

  • #120

    $20 that Daeth is under a different name so different that nobody will ever expect it... 

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