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    Hi all,

    I finally found some free time and this weekend only I will be giving 10$ (50% off) trial lessons. If you are interested, feel free to contact me!

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    I can give trial lessons and group lessons, although I definitely reccomend private lessons over group lessons (you get to use skype with me, and ask your specific questions. In a group lots of questions fly around and of course that can hurt the experience. The benefit of it is that it costs less to you). Anyway, I offered this a few weeks ago, but Ill be happy to do a trial lesson with you!

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    I thought trial lessons are sopposed to be free? 

  • #4

    Yea, that's what "trial" means ryt?? Why does one pay for it?...lol

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    If it was free then it is open to be abused by people who have no intention of ever trying a real lesson.

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    Then you should not put a trial lesson. A good way is to say: "Take one lesson and see if you like it for a discounted price of whatever."


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