does caste affect one's chess playing ability?


With the availability of chess PDFs, free engines and GUIs, cheap PCs and smart phones, the underprivileged can rise to chess masters. And they don't need to excel in academics. Just spend 1000s of hours reading, analyzing, sparring with engines, and unlimited online games so they could perform well in FIDE rated tournaments.

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I thought there was a whole reincarnation thing going on in India, like you could be a cockroach one day, get stepped on for trying to feed your family, and then be Vishy Anand in the next life, refuse to play in a tournament like Nakamura or Nazi Paikidze and then get reborn as a slug or Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

or a vegetable like corn



corn, the equalizer ...

They are welcome in the US. Why bother for Brahmin status in India.
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So in that Caste system, can a Shudra or a Dalits elevate themselves to Brahmins once they have achieved education and financial status similar to them? Or is it more on ones family classification appointment from past generations?   @Brendan_UK, thank you for the info.



The majority of immigrants from India to USA are of high intellect and financial status. Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon have top executives from India. So these folks belong to a line of higher castes only? Chess doesn't recognize castes, class, gender, all depends on how well a person adapts to the game... for example, that girl from Africa who came from a very poor background.


@isabela Many great minds come from public schools and poor non educated parents. Through diligent study, they become equal or even greater than graduates from elite schools and parents of high educational background. Chess mastery is even more possible for them. About 10K hours of reading, analyzing, engine sparring and otb events. Nothing is impossible to the diligent and determined. Handicapped by lower caste or poor family background, is not a very high mountain to conquer. Even Mt. Everest is conquerable


fun fact: the brahminy kite is primarily a scavenger



Some of the best school teams in the USA come from very-poor, inner-city schools, so I would say, "No."

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Shame the world is not all British. Rule Britannia!


Will Muslims one day rule Britannia?

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any idea?

Grow up bro. In 2018 world u are still talking about caste...u must be in stone age I guess.

it is you who lives in cave who thinks indian soceity is free from casteism. i am myself is not a casteism person but the people around me are conscious of their caste. But I am ready to give a blind eye to their caste if it is necessary for the upliftment of the soceity and in general the indian people.

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Ask Mir Sultan Khan.

he was Muslim. caste is for Hindus.

i have check in google that there are caste system  in muslim also.But we should not be bothered since we all are human


I am quite sure that this kind of racist discussion is not allowed on forums.

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I am quite sure that this kind of racist discussion is not allowed on forums.

i have already said i am a pure person free from casteism and racism

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