draw in winning streak?

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    If one is going for a personal best winning streak, does a drawn game automatically end it or would it continue?  Just curious if anyone knows.

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    I'm refering to the winning streak in the games section that is listed under "My stats".

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    why not draw out the game as long as possible?

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    Well, a "winning streak" by definition is a series of consecutive wins.  A draw interrupts that - but as tonydal mentioned, it would not interrupt the "undefeated streak" that coincides.

    It's still very significant.  While Tal is best known for his attacking victories, in his career including decades after he lost the WC rematch he amassed several of the longest undefeated streaks among active GMs, on a couple of occasions going two years or more without a loss.

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    I can personally attest that a draw cuts your winning streak short. In the last ~50 games, I have drawn two and won ~48, but my longest winning streak was interrupted by the first of those draws.

    So yeah, I'd like to see a "longest undefeated streak" in the stats too... Tongue out

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     Thanks everyone. On the flipside, at least a draw can stop an ugly losing streak as well;)

    PS: 50 games without a loss is pretty impressive...kudos.

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