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effective chess study plan

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    Do you have any ideas what is the best way of studying chess?
    Lets say for next 3 months i have 3 hours everyday  for study chess +  1-2hours for 100 tactical puzzles.
    Whats the best way for effective study:
    1 day 3 hours of strategy, other day 3 hours of openings or endings, another day 3h of middle game etc.
    Or everyday 1h of endings + 1h of oppening + 1h of middlegame?
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    Start with endings for few days, than aply that on middle game (it is same just more complicated), than finish with openings.

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    By playing the game= Will give you the most experience

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    PLAVIN79 wrote:

    By playing the game= Will give you the most experience

    Many games will not make you a better player. You have to analyze your games and fix your errors, otherwise you will learn bad habits.

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    Lack of knowledge in every aspect of game
    -zero knowledge about endgames
    -bad opening habits
    I had only one book  "secrets of opening preparation by jusupow"
    I have been playing for almost 15 years, but i had a break for few years.
    I never study chess. Now i see that i wasted all potential that i had.
    I am at point where i need to start study and "make it" or stop playing because playing loose chess without understanding of game is a pure frustration.
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    A coach will help you make a study plan.

    Without a coach, I'd say get one well regarded book on the endgame or a middle game idea (pawns, attacking, game collection, strategy etc).  Read the book religiously and play in many tournaments.  When you're done with the book, get a well regarded book on the other subject (middle or endgame) and read it thoroughly.

    With your tournament games, analyze them and chat with stronger players about your games.

    After that you should have a foundation of understanding, and can choose which areas need the most attention after that.  Maybe openings, maybe more endgames, etc.  But if you've never studied then in my opinion you first need some foundation.  Even if the books cover some info you already know they can also help fill in any holes in your knowledge.

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    If you're really serious about training for 3hrs/day, you could use some of my suggestions for systematic training.

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    Next week i will finish my work at uni and i will focus on training.
    I am looking for long term study plan. At the moment i can not find couch in city where i live and they are pretty expensive.

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