Estimate your ELO rating


Check out this site which gives you an estimated ELO rating after choosing a move for 10 different positions . Try it out and post your rating here , and mayb post your or fide/uscffor comparison . My rating was 1690


Scroll Down for best moves according to the page :

















best moves :





5) e3-c5

6) g5-f6

7) f6-h7

8) b6-d8

9) e3-d4

10) d9-d7

ELO:  1430
test 1920. 1875.  Ps. How do you find the correct moves on the test?

The test is a little strange. Just to play around, after I got my elo estimate I decided to change my answer to the final question to see how this affected my score. My original move had been Bb7 (c8 b7). I tried moving the bishop to other squares and they all resulted in the same score, even moves like Bg4 and Bh3 that lose a piece! I also tried Re8 and this scored significantly worse -- worse than just giving away the bishop!


One of the positions I thought the first move of the combination might be played by a beginner just because it is a capture, but seeing the whole combination is actually quite difficult. So someone who just likes to take pieces and someone who calculates a several move combo might score the same on that problem.


Anyhow, estimated elo from the test: 1995. My actual USCF rating is in the 1700s. 

ELO: 1930 :)
mxdplay4, I don't think all the positions necessarily have correct moves. But if you have a chess engine, try putting the positons in there and see what it says.
Mine was 1720. It would be nice to see the correct  moves in all the puzzles.
rootworm = 1601

USCF = 980(p2)

ELO Test = 2042

Well you can check out the bets moves if you know  a little html . Just go to view --> source and you can see which are the best moves for each position .

just started playing chess last week with two friends who've been playing for a

while and they've beaten me every time. i was reading about ELO ratings and found

a link to this thread. according to the test i have 1550, but that seems a bit high

since i just started and i read that '1200 is a talented beginner'. my answers:



  1. Nc6-d4
  2. Ng5-h7
  3. Ke4-e5
  4. Bb3-f7
  5. Nf5-e7
  6. f2-f3
  7. g6-g5
  8. Bb6-d8
  9. Be4-b7
  10. Kc6-a5



The problem would be that the test doesn't take into account your motive for the move; you may unwittingly blunder into the best move possible without knowing. 

Locke wrote:

The problem would be that the test doesn't take into account your motive for the move; you may unwittingly blunder into the best move possible without knowing. 

I definatley agree with this comment. The test is good but something like, writing out ones thought process and scoring that would be much better. I mean, for each puzzle there are candidate moves and there is certain depth to each move, and before deciding on which move to play one would have to analyze each after assessing the position. Ok, some dont need much thought to find the 'right' move but why moves are inferior should be worked out too.


I got a shock some years ago when i was given a similar test (exam) by a GM as part of lessons. The depth was much greater than one move and proper grading was given with respect to what i had written on paper. If i had just written one move down with no analysis, surely my coach would have simply said, FAIL! ha i dunno, i like the link tho.vUndecidedv

hmmm, maybe I should check it out.


Now I'm gonna search for the best responses.



 given that on FICS my standard is in the 1800-1900 range (and here its 1850+) I don't think it is that inacurate.

but I only think this is because of the way I attempted to solve each position; with each move I had a precise line in mind, if you "just guessed" then I don't think this test would be in anyway reliable.

 ^ in short, its up to you, if you don't try to "cheat" the test it will, most obvoiusally be more reliable.

 for those interested; my awnsers: (LOOK AWAY NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE IT YET!)







1) Rxf3

2) hxg6

3) Rg5

4) Bxf7

5) Nh6+!

6) Bxf6

7) Nh7

8) Bd8!

9) Bh7+

10) Rb8 


mine was 1180, big jump for me
highflyer 1540

elo 1535

RedSoxpawn wrote: mine was 1180, big jump for me

It's kind of inaccurate if you are under 1000  , as the least you can get is 1000 whatever your answers

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