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Expanding the chess market and marketing the WC match

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    The one thing that I ask of chess if they were to take up a suggestion is like this is to maintain the integrity and honor of the game.. or to fade away just as quickly as fads do. If you sell out in the American market you look like a sell out. I think it should be done with the highest dignity, and that has a lot to do with venue, marketing, interviews, and promotion. This should be an all ages friendly game. 0-100 years old. 



    They've normalized carlsen into a super genius.. guy.. player, but to everyone outside the chess world they're mostly not aware. Magnus did a talk show on Charlie Rose (recently), and 60 minutes when he was 13 but has hardly done any promotion since then in America.  


    They could easily advertise this for an American city as a battle between young age 23 Super Grand master Carlsen vs Classic ex-champion Anand with a few of the greatest players of this generation and potentially one of the greatest players of all time in his prime. 


    It could hit off the same way the poker fad hit off Texas Hold-em coverage of the Main Event. I liken it closer to bowling or tennis in terms of the American audience. 


    Globally Chess is cool.. in America chess is baseball or golf.. you need to understand it and know the players to have an interest. 


    They need to hit the intellectual 20-30 year old audience..& simultaneously an older crowd.. an older crowd btw more inclined to teach chess to a younger audiences such as grand children where-as young adults are way too into themselves to have that time. Older audiences are more inclined to harvest and maintain the attitude and support.. young adults are quick to move on to the next hit thing. 


    Collegiates but also a lot of underground cult older guys in their 40's and up have taken a lot of vintage interest in hobbyist stuff and this is right up their alley.. bowling, golf, tennis etc. Especially because it's something the older generation can get involved in first hand.. 


    ESPECIALLY with websites like chess.com and the huge online crowd. 


     >>> This is a game you can watch just like poker.. and then hop online and experience it first hand.. and get whooped by EVEN pro's themselves. 

    You can't do that with other sports on TV.. just play Michael Jordan pick up .. that's the charm in chess. Anyone can hop online, but you need years of practice, experience, and knowledge to be competitive..so you go online but just as u would on the basketball court you're gonna get schooled. 

    IF the following things can be televised successfully in America: 


    Outdoor Bass fishing,  bowling, then you know you have an audience at all levels and ages. 

    There needs to be a foundation..that is sustainable. Small ball so to speak. 


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