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Fair Play Policy

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    I have been getting unfounded warning about Fair Play Violations. I have NO idea why! Now I received a notice that I have to wait 5 minutes between online games? How can I contact chess.com and clear this up before I get angry enough to quit chess.com?

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    You are probably timing out games you are losing, or else being abusive in comments.  If you don't do that, post in the Support forum to clear it up.  If you do, you won't be missed.

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    billycan wrote:

    Ask yourself what you may have done to incure the wrath of the moderators. Bad language, abandoning games, abuse to your opponent. There's usually a reason. 


    And 999 times out of 1000, the reason is that he's a jerk.

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    i've sent you a private message about this.

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    I've been getting them all of a sudden too. I'm not posting, and I'm not making people wait if I'm losing. What is happening is my live connection has such a long delay (lag time), the server and / or user is aborting my game before my screen even refreshes, i.e. my challenge is accepted and by time I show up in the window with the game board active the game is aborted. Very frustrating. It is also near impossiable to get a game in live chess. I can't click on a dot an get it accepted, again to me it appears my computer is unresponsive or the lag it too great. I thought this had something to do with my not be a paying member and getting place a the back of the queue. Very frushtrating again. It was nice to see a paying member have the same experience. Hopefully, the private meassage sent to you explains this. Good luck, Sam, I'm sure your honest.

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    hi david pruess you have awesome videos!

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    there isn't any queue that puts paying members ahead of basic members for a game. i've pmed you too, but i guess i'll say for anyone who is reading this thread:

    if you are experiencing a lot of disconnects and lag, you should have a look at your internet connection, modem, router, computer, etc. and see if you can find what's wrong. my guess is it is not on the chess.com server side, since there are tens of thousands of people using it without bad lag all day long.

    thanks, 335394862


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