Favourite board game other than chess?


Stratego, Backgammon, Risk,Scrabble, Monopoly


In relation to Board games several people have mentioned War games such as The Battle Of The Bulge. I have the " 1914 " game which is set up to cover the Western front. One needs to place all of the units in one's forces from Swizerland up to the English Channel, it does take quite a while to set up but it is a interesting game.    


Risk and Stratego.

When I was younger, Milton-Bradley had a series of games I completely adored, called their "Gamemaster series". These were really cool games! One of them, my favorite, was "Conquest of the Empire". It has since been purchased by Wizards of the Coast, and they rewrote the rules and ruined it (as far as I'm concerned).

Another game I really liked (in the olden days) was Axis and Allies -- But again, this was purchased by Wizards of the Coast who again rewrote the rules, broke it, then "fixed" it by rewriting the rules again and again, then adding their expansion packs and kits so that you keep spending money with them, so I don't play Axis & Allies anymore.

I don't like Wizards of the Coast (can you tell?)

American checkers. It is incredibly complicated. I studied a book of combinations that were all over forty moves for the solution. I always thought it was much simpler than chess but i was clearly wrong. My user name is from a checker opening.
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I have resisted the temptation so far, I am too busy at present. I have spent many hours sitting in front of the PC not wanting to go to bed until I have got over a crucial stage in the game. 

The problem for me is, once I sign that peace treaty I've got to finish this wonder, and then I've sent some explorers out and I can't just stop while they're in the middle of the ocean or I'll forget about them, and... then it's time to go to work.




I like Monopoly when I'm playing with 3 other people. Its so much fun Laughing

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Civ 4 is boss. Nothing more addictive.

Then you must know where I got my avatar from Cool

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colonel mustard in the library with the candlestick


Colditz ?


Okay, that's easily one of my favorite usernames ever. Laughing

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Pim pam pet and Khet

Khet.  Awesome game. Although I haven't played it enough to know how much depth of play it really has. 




good thread...I would say maybe Scrabble now even though I didn't like it much as a kid.  I might look into other games mentioned in this thread.  


Monopoly.  Hands down. Money mouth


If I take the topic literally I had a lot of fun playing Axis and Allies when I was in school.  I'm happy to see Civ mentioned though.  Actually, shortly before I took up chess I was spending an appalling amount of time playing Civ Rev on XBox Live; it's not as in depth as the PC versions but it has the advantage that even a very long game will be over in a couple of hours and most games are over in 20-30 minutes.  When I realized how much time and effort I was putting into my strategies I decided I'd rather play THE strategy game, which is what eventually brought me here.  I'm still a little amazed at how much depth that video game has though.  Hats off to Sid Meiers and company.


I think chinese checkers and checkers are my favorite other than chess.


conquer club is an amazing risk web site. check it out. tell me what you think.


Thanks for the suggestion, Conquer Club is a great site. I have just signed up.