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FICS time forfeit.

  • #1

    I played the following on FICS using the Babas interface:

    My side showed a 48 second lag for him and my opponent walked away after I played .. b5.  My question is why did it take -1:31 minutes before I got my win.  It didn't claim time forfeit (autoflag was set) but that my opponent disconnected.

  • #2

    1) can't see the game

    2) this ain't FICS

  • #3

    That's awesome.

  • #4

    Still, interesting to find that Baba has an interface...

  • #5

    FICS was always having problems with lagging and flagging and stuff when i played on there

  • #6

    Just don't ask one of the toxic admins about it ... some will ban you for the slightest question about time discrepancies. 

  • #7

    says alot that you're here asking about it, forget about simple questions on fics.

  • #8

    I never played on that site again after I had a run-in with some TD bozo.


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