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    Don't even post here because your argument is invalid.

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    what can I say then ?

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    Whatever you want, doesn't matter.

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    But you said, whatever I say it will be invalid so if I say 'women is better than beer' would that be invalid ? 

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    better get DrSpudnik in here.

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    ( Because I didn't want to have to delete my Comment ). Tongue Out 

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    don't invalidate my feelings man, your harshing my buzz.Yell

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    Without bowerickwowbagger forums like this are no longer fun

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    Error 7: Argument is invalid

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    Chess is harder than forum posting because a monkey could randomly hit keys on a computer and make a forum post.

    But the same monkey would likely lose if he made random moves on a computer in an online chess game.

    I cannot vouch for what the outcome would be were you to have a different monkey type/make chess moves.

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    But would that monkey prefer knight or bishops? Aye, there's the rub.

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    I'm pretty good at randomly moving pieces like a monkey (just look at my rating).

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    my son making a monkey face randomly moving pieces

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    Powerlevel_9001 wrote:

    im pretty decent at posting.


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    At last after all of these Years !!! I need to eat more Bananas ? ( or is it that Chess is driving me bananas ? ) Oh darn I'm getting confused again. Yell

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    We don't need your validation. Smile

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    -kenpo- wrote:

    I like the chess set.

    One of two my dad carved out of broom handles for me. Karl my son (above) calls it the Easter Island set. I think the Black Knights (centurions) look like Marvin Martian

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    The postman always rings twice and prefers the wood of the kitchen table to any other supporting material in your residence.

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    There must be truth to the title of this thread for some.  I recall a post I read some months ago from an active member basically stating that there used to be a lot of good participators on the forums who have disappeared.  There must be something about commenting they found difficult.  I'm sure some of you even know why they post no more.

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