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Free Chess Diagram Generator

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    I've built a free web service which allows chess player to create and host chess diagrams.  Add chess diagrams to your emails and post diagrams on other websites, blogs, forums and social networking sites such as twitter and facebook.


    You can highlight squares and choose between four board sizes.  The images below were created on chessimg.com and inserted into this post using the "insert/edit image" icon on the toolbar.

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    Sweet, I've been saying I need one of these for awhile. Thanks, and great job!

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    Thank you very much for this great work ! Smile

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    Your Diagram
    Sweet! Pity the White King...in the end, the saviour of the day is still the humble Black pawn protecting check...!!!!
    And here's a mathematics question:
    Which side has more points ,White or Black?
    The first person to answer correctly will get a trophy!
    P.S. only one person is not allowed to win the trophy........cjus! (hey, sorry, ya! But you could do something crooked to get the prize, ya know?Tongue out)
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    Hi & Thanks a lot for this very useful webservice !

    Is it possible to create a Gif animation for a game ?

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    Here is one that works: http://fulldecent.blogspot.com/2010/08/convert-fen-strings-to-html.html

    You can paste the generated figures right on to your own blog or website.

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    It has not work for a while yet ...


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