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Fritz 12 and PvP mode

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    Does anyone know how to put Fritz 12 into PvP mode so that you can analyze a game with it? Or can't you do it?

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    I have Fritz 12, but I don't know what PvP mode is. To analyze one of my games, I cut and paste it from another site or from this site, i download the pgn and called it up through Fritz 12 and then set it for analyzing. 

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    That is what I do. But If it was a OTB game and you only had the notation on paper you have to put in each move, and that is REALLY annoying. As you move Fritz moves you take his move back and out in your own. Then you repeat the process. I am wondering if there is an easier way.

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    Not for Fritz. I didn't like that feature either. What i do is use chessbase light, which is free, created a new board with that button and plug in the moves by moving the pieces. It doesn't take long and then I email the game back to my email address, cut and paste it into Fritz.

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    I think I found a way to do it. By using the analysis board I just tried it and it worked.

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    Go to engines and check "switch off engine".That will keep fritz from playing out its own moves. However you can still add a kibitzer to analyze the game.

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    that works perfectly. thanks. I'll change the way i do it.

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    Thank you Frank!!!!


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