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I own a fritz 8 and I enjoy playing against it. But now I would like some help with how to do more with my chessprogram. Anyone who knows some of the things you can do with it could you please help me?

I also have some questions,

1 Can you get a computeranalasys, if so how?

2 How do you enter your game? I just insert it in a new game and do the moves but this is not a great way to do it. Fritz always tries to make moves.

3 How do you save games? 


You can save the games as PGN files and then open them up in fritz, there is an option download pgn in your game archive.

Not sure exactly where the analyze game in fritz 8 is but it shouldn't be hard to find, look through the options available in the dropdown menus at the top.


Fritz 11 does the same thing. I believe there is a way to shut down the engine so it doesn't move so you can enter in games for analysis, but yet to figure it out.

So if anyone knows how to do this, both JRadis and I would greatly appreciate the insight. I'd like to be able to run my games through to see what my blunders are, and how to avoid making them in the future.




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To switch off the engine: On the toolbar it says "File Edit...etc".  One of them is "Engine".  Under "Engine" you can click on "Switch off Engine".  The shortcut for my Fritz 8 is Shift+Ctrl+M.  HTH.


This is will help. I do tend to play some chess on Yahoo Chess, and they don't provide .pgn for nothing, though I have been badgering them for years to do it that way. At least now I know how I can get those games into .PGN for analysis as I plan on improving my level of play, and this will help.

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Thanks, how will the computeranalasys be? Like the one here on

If someone have some other good knowlege please enter.


I'll download on of my games in .PGN and see how it analyzes it to give you feedback on how it does it. I'll either post back here or email you with the results JRadis.

And no Eiwob- I don't think there are any free versions of Fritz or Rybka out there. At least none I've seen.



I've got Fritz 7, so what I'm telling you might not be exactly the same for you.  Rather than turn off the engine you can turn on "Infinite Analysis" which is in the game menu.  In this mode you can play both sides without Fritz interrupting, meanwhile he'll analyse the position in the status window.  To get Fritz to analyse one or more games you start from the database window (game menu or f12).  You can import pgn files etc in this window, select a bunch of games and then get Fritz to analyse them.  It'll commentate, add extra lines, award medals, point out wins etc.  The best way might be just to read the help files...