Go Fabi!!

BoboTheFlyingSheep67 wrote:
Piledriverwaltzer wrote:

If Magnus does anything else than winning (as black!) today against Peter Svidler, does he lose his n°1 status? Only 4 points appart with Caruana, Svidler has 83 ELO less and its the last game of the tournament. Exciting

Edit: I checked and it seems that a draw would maintain Magnus to n°1 with a 3 point lead (2,4 to be exact, but 3 after rounding). A loss would make him lose 6 point, win = +4 points

I know. I'm hoping that Magnus loses a few more rating points.....

Also, yesterday, Ding Liren came so close to beating Magnus (If he had won, Magnus would be number 2 in the world) , but then he made some small inaccuracies and drew the game......