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Greatest Chess Photos

  • #41

    Karpov vs Korchnoi!

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    And some bobby fischer pics:


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    A couple more


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    Bobby vs Castro

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    With all the famous guy's

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    Reb, is the guy on the right Leinier Dominguez (Cuba)? As for the guy on the left, I'm tempted to say Radjabov, but I don't know if he's the top player in his country (is he Azerbaijani or Russian? If he's from Az. I'd say it's him).

  • #47

    Also, here's a photo of Morphy playing Loewenthal:


  • #48

    That looks like a nice set they are playing on and look how they are dressed ! I could never sit at a board for 4 + hours dressed like that !!  You ?

  • #49

    GM & US Chess Champion 1909-1936

  • #50

    best chess player ever

  • #51

    that picture of bobby and castro is so great. I love cuba.

  • #52

    I don't know if you have ever seen the show Trailer Park Boys, but it is pretty popular here in Canada, and Topolov looks a LOT like Julien.

    Anyway, I really like this picture of Fischer.

  • #53

    I think that Karpov was a cool looking guy, but it is almost impossible to find a good picture of him, this one is alright.

  • #54

    Anatoliy Karpov, Bulgaria, July 1983

  • #55

    Nice Photos!

  • #56

    Karpov, and that grin.

  • #57

    Boris Spassky

  • #58

    I love how is ash is about to fall down his sleeve.

  • #59

    Robert Fischer: =>

  • #60

    Paul Morphy and Louis Paulsen in game during First American Chess Congress, 1857

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