Has chess improved your memory?

Wondering if anyone has had noticeable differences in their recall since playing more frequently. How would chess improve memory?

Personally no


I can't remember what my memory was like before chess.

That’s sort of Ironic, Santoy
I think chess improves focused attention

Not for me. I've improved because of technique, positional understanding and concentrating on the overall basics, more than being able to see further ahead. I cannot play blindfold chess, i don't have the memory for that. 


As someone who plays blindfold chess, my answer is no, not really. When I play blindfolded, I'm very used to the common opening moves and it's pattern recognition that helps me remember rather than raw brain power. However, I do think chess has helped my visualization, which is a key component in "moving the pieces in your head".

I don’t think it’s a memory exercise but a critical thinking exercise. It’s like do math problems to keep your mind alert. I always thought was a way to keep mind alert. Never for memory, even when I learning new opening or tactics.
It did tremendously. I can really remember so much more. I can recall most conversations I had this week, I remember my piano music much more, and I have an easier time memorizing at school

Chess related memory and other memory are 2 different things.

It hasn’t helped me, I keep forgetting who I am ! 🙀

Is it like a correlation-causation fallacy?

I see one unique way it an help memory. That is to keep in mind the lines and evaluate different lines to see which lines are better. It's helpful for short term memory though. Besides, chess is a visual game with visual pieces. It helps me remember what moves my opponent and I make.


I had a 40 year total gap from chess. The interesting thing is, I can remember opening theory from the early era (admittedly revised) better than I can remember (now retired) new opening theory that I have looked at in recent years.

As with language, music etc., I can see why most very strong players were competent (1600+) at a very early age. 

Chess has improved my memory and concentration as well as my analytical abilities.