Have you ever wonder about this?

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Please speak english.

He means "get poisoined" btw, I think the game should be a dead draw if your opponent died in OTB tourney.


A player collapsed at the board. A doctor who was playing in the tournament rushed to examine him and announced "He is dead. But his position was hopeless anyway."


This is why you should never resign. There's always a chance your opponent can die.


I was playing in an OTB tournament in Fredicton NB, when a guy a few boards down from me had a heart attack right at the board.

After the Emergency crew came and collected him, the tournament director walked up to his board, stopped the clocks, spent a few seconds looking at the position...

... then said "He was losing anyway" and walked away.

A true chess player!


I know an IM who had a heart attack at the board. He’s six months younger than me. I’m playing in a tournament today and tomorrow. My blood pressure was good when I checked it this morning. Wish me luck


"beat me at chess, I'm going to pound your chest"