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How was I able to join 2 member created tournaments if I am just a free member??

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    Just look at the titleLaughing, I'm currently playing 1st round on an Albin Countergambit thematic tournament, I clicked 'Join tournament' on a Dutch thematic tournament and I was able to join!! Can someone please explain this?

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    Someone please answerUndecided

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    I am not sure about the question but my first thought is there are no limits even if you haven't upgraded

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    If you join a tournament and the round of that tournament is over the tournament you are currently in (which is paused because you have to wait for the next round) doesn't count as a tournament for the time being, allowing you to enter a new tournament. Which means you can join multiple tournaments without premium.

    short: If you are waiting for a new round to start, it does not count as a tournament untill the next round start.

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    oh! now I get it. Since I was able to join the dutch tournament after I finished my round 1 games in the albin countergambit tournament, thanks guys :D

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    What happens when the next round of the previous tournament starts do you get kicked out of one of the tournaments?

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    nope, you just continue unless you are eliminated of course.

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    But then when you are currently playing in a thematic tournament and round two starts in the other tournament wouldn't you be playing in two tournaments simultaniously and isn't that not allowed with free membership.

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    Not really, it's allowed to play technically in 2 tourneys at the same time but not join at the same time.

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    Oh okay thank you


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