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How do I improve my national chess rating/gradeing

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    Hi guys.

    Just looking for advice here, how should I go about improving my national chess grade/rating. I believe I might be under rated, so how should I try and improve it to make sure it reaches where it should be?

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    The only way 2 improve your rating,is 2 win game,s AlexSmile.

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    thanks for that advice Clive.

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    Focus on one aspect at a time.  Maybe dedicate a week to isolated queen pawn positions, another to rook endings, etc.  Then bring it all together with thinking process/strategic/calculation exercises by looking at positions and pretending that you're playing them OTB.  It's better finding out where you go wrong in a practice exercise than OTB where ratings are at stake. 

    Do you play the Englund and Latvian Gambits?  Then I think I know what your problem is, since those are relatively rare I don't think it's the case though.  I'll go through one of your games to find the problem:


    If you are rated 1200 or below then you are right where you're supposed to be because you make the same mistakes as people in that category.  It's a harsh truth, but we're rated what we are because we play that way.  Even Kasparov once stated that there's still so much he doesn't know about chess and it keeps him up at night, and he knows far more than everyone else alive, and only a little bit more than super GMs. 

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    play and study your games, learn from your mistakes, a few things from each game after each game you play at blitz time controls or longer, check on your own first, and then blunder check with a chess engine.  see what masters do in positions similar to what you play.

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    Thanks SPA. i will take your advice into account

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    thanks as well Petrosianic

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    Play in tournaments and practice openings and endgames and u should get better

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    And watch videos

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    thanks again alex.


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