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How important is "My System"?

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    I don't like chapter one, but from chapter two on the book is very useful for me. I am reading the digital version of Forward Chess. I guess everybody below GM level would learn from it, but you have to accept his humour, analogies, and old fashioned style (which is even more difficult to digest in the German editions). As a weak player I got already more skilful on the use of open lines and the use of rooks just from reading chapter two. A digital version is helpful to save time.
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    The best System is the London SYSTEM!!!!!!

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    My System becomes a good book only if you read it with the right attitude. I, personally, tried hard to forget much of I heard in this book.


    I think this book's concept is just too extreme and dogmatic: one cannot explain a game with theories. Chess laws are there to be broken. However, when reading the book if your goal is to challenge Nimzowitsch, then you can learn a lot from the book: Nimzowitsch is a very very strong practical player. You will be able to distinguish dogmatic explanation and real wisdom in the book. 


    And also, it will be much better to read this book together with Chess Praxis, and after you have read the text and analyzed the game carefully, turn on your computer to check both your and the author's conclusion.

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    So all in all, a very good book but one must read it with great caution!

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    After working  with some chapter I began to change  positively  my concepts on the importance of passed pawns, outposts and rooks on open lines and 7th  rank. If the book is good enough  for uncountable  strong players, IMs, GMs  and super  GMs, it is good enough for me 😎

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    "... Just because a book contains lots of information that you don’t know, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be extremely helpful in making you better at this point in your chess development. ..." - Dan Heisman (2001)
    A My System sample can be seen at:


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