How Lonnnnnnnng Untilllllllll V3???

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    kkl10 wrote:
    Ziryab escreveu:

    Not long enough. I'm using it now and miss what works. The chess board is too large and I cannot make it smaller. I only want to reduce it 5-10%.

    Close to the top right corner of the chess board, you'll find a small resize button. It gets highlighted upon mouse hover. Click it and drag to adjust the board size. Seems a bit quirky, though. And doesn't seem to work on the live chess inteface. But it works on the game explorer, and any changes there are also applied on the live chess and other interfaces. Except for the correspondence chess interface, which can have a different board size.


    Thanks. I found it in Explorer, but not the other screens. I had been trying in live. My wife told me that I'm too old for today's websites.

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    Is primarily for Children ?

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    SocialPanda wrote:
    Is primarily for Children ?

     No, is meant for 13+. is meant for children.

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