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How many times have you thought about quitting?

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    My last 4 games on here (2 wins 2 losses) were just full of stupid moves by me. Sometimes my opponent noticed and made good use of it, other times they missed it. But it still just drove me insane that I was playing so poorly. Moments like that just make me want to quit chess all together and makes me not excited at all to play my next game.


    How many times have you gotten so frustrated you thought about just giving the game up all together?

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    It does get frustrating, just take a break. Don't sweat it. There's enough real bull to deal with.

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    I'm considering it now. I just keep getting worse and worse.

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    Games on here are meaningless.  I play experimental openings, and time controls are predominantly blitz.

    Over the board, at actual tournaments with real time controls, I've never considered outright quitting, but I have gone thru long stretches where I wouldn't play faster time controls.  I must have gone 3 years straight at one point where I wouldn't play anything faster than G/75 or G/90.  I get into time trouble all the time, and short time controls just tend to lower my rating.

    On here I'm upper 1600s.  On ICC I'm about 1850.  Again, who cares?  Over the board, I'm in the mid-2000s, trying to hit 2100 in the near future.  If my rating here fell to 1500, wouldn't make a damn difference.

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    live by one rule here, play for fun. and to win. umm guess thats two.

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    I'm glad someone admires Beck as much as me tubey, she's my hero.

    Perferred the old username though.

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    xtophr1 wrote:

    I'm considering it now. I just keep getting worse and worse.

    I suspect that if you could just make sure to avoid blunders you'd increase your playing strength by 500 points instantly.  Before you make a move, check to see if your opponent has an obvious capture/check/fork etc.  Avoiding blunders is the #1 thing a beginner can do to improve.

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    Thanks for the advice.

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    Dargone wrote:

    Of course, I realized that a lof of the players in my section had no business playing that low (sandbaggers), however I'm digressing.

    What makes you think they were sandbaggers?


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