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How To Overcome The Fear Of Losing?.

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    Thanks. . .m gathering alot of motivation by now. .

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    My advice is simple. Practice on chess.com! If you do not want to spend money for tactics and chess mentor, then watch Youtube videos or simply go to Chess Tempo. The internet is a great place to learn chess. However, chess.com is the best in my opinion. Just buy a membership and watch your rating grow. (Just make sure to make the most of the time :).

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    When we do something like playing chess we go on a huge learning curve.  If you were to win every game you played it would become very ho hum after a while, you need to lose sometimes.  It makes you try harder next time and spices up the game, makes life more exciting if you go into anything with the knowledge you may lose.  Makes for a much bigger challenge and makes the winning so much sweeter!!

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    Great idea: bump a thread last active some 14 months ago and created by a user who hasn't logged in for almost eight months.


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