How to prepare for a OTB tournament with 2100+ players


I am preparing for a tournament in 3 weeks. In this open tournemant there are 3, out of 10, 2100+ players already registered. I'm rated about 1800 and this will be the hardest tournament I've competed for in a while.

So, I'm asking how I should prepare for this? The tournament is G/45 with 5 rounds in one day.

Right now I'm mostly studying up on my endgame with Jeremy Silmans excellent book "Silman's Complete Endgame Course" and perfecting my openings by studying the openings my opponents are most likely to play, and figuring my move responses.

But is this enough? Please let me know!


HD Cool


you shoulds ask IM Rensch and see what he tells yous. I bets he knows exactly whats you shoulds do.



i would recommend to play simply solid chess. You should not try to play for a win at all cost. Usually it's good to play for a win, but here we have to expect your opponents to be more experienced and being able to use small advantages in endings or middlegames to their favor. Therefore try to play solid chess, avoiding blunders at all cost and play positionally sound moves (we've played several games until now, and an advise i have to give you, which might improve your results extremely: Try to calculate for 3-4 moves ahead, no matter if it's a simply exchange or so, but you have to visualize the final position and try to evaluate it, as this is the key for your further play. That's the skill you have to sharpen, you'll see that your results will improve afterwards.) and simply try to keep the position balanced (let's say even).


:) And the most important thing:  Have fun!



DailyChess wrote:


i would recommend to play simply solid chess.

Hard to add anything better.


If you know your opponents and you know what openings they play, you might look through them and refresh your knowlegde.


Sweet!! Thanks for all your helpful suggestions!! :D

I'll definitely use most of them :-)