Huge motivation problem


wait a sec....ur trolling is happy.png .


@Thee_Ghostess_Lola: Both interpretations might be equally viable in this case. xD We all learn stuff so it would work not only once, but always; yet, we also forget pretty much anything that isn't a multiplication table, it seems. It's kinda eerie that one can look at a chess position three times, not understand it the first time, then learn it and thus understand it the second time, then FORGET it the third time. Why the patterns of our minds' eyes are so fragile, I do not know, but I personally think I'm at a disadvantage compared to some.

There are people I know who are remarkable visual talents and who can solve geometry problems better than I'll ever be able to (and those people include my own mother, regrettably, as some of that inner sight got lost on me), while I have to struggle and draw additional lines then redraw them over and over until I reach some conclusion. I feel that chess is very similar to that, except I don't get to draw any lines; instead, I must internalise them all and then prove that I can do it more efficiently than somebody else, which is a tough order if you're a logician with no real visual inclinations.