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I can only concentrate at chess

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    But not at school, homework, my future, family, friends, music, games, nothing. Only when I'm playing chess, do I start to focus more but only on the game, nothing else. Help me!

    P.S. I don't think this has somethng to do with my interest on it, cause I'm very interested in music, friends, games, and future also. Sometimes I even forget to eat or drink water.

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    Go to the beach.

    See girl.

    Stare at girl.

    Soon you will realise that 30 minutes passed...with no chess.

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    I think you should...oh, wait, it's my turn to move.

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    Girls.  That might work.  Just don't let anyone catch you staring at them.  That's what sunglasses are for.  And turn your head to the side a little bit when you're staring one down in your sunglasses.  It makes it look like you are looking at something else.

    Don't eat water, though--drink it.

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    You're probably still growing mate, we all grow at different speeds, especially in the head. I wonder though if this is your own recognition of a problem, or perhaps other people have told you your concentration sucks, and chess is contradicting them.

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    Many words from Buddhism encourage focusing on the inner self and also finding a balance in life. If you're only focusing on chess, then that's not discovering yourself and as you explained, you need a balance of friends, family, you, etc... Imbalance in oneself and society is unhappiness and unrest. 

    From a scientific perspective, you need food and water to operate and be healthy!

    Question. Is it the website you are overusing or are you playing chess OTB also? I'd be less worried if you're playing OTB because there is human interaction there and you're contributing to society. If you're only online and ignoring the outside world, that's unhealthy in many ways.  

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    Keyboard-kid, you list your occupation as chess, so, what's the problem?

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    AlCzervik wrote:

    I think you should...oh, wait, it's my turn to move.

    Your move Tongue Out

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    pornography versus the anatman--the eternal struggle

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    It appears your concentration at chess is just fine, so this isn't really a "chess" question - instead you want to know how to better concentrate on school, homework, family, friends, your future, etc.


    I have no idea.  But - good luck!

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    BabyRhinoRainbow wrote:

    pornography versus the anatman--the eternal struggle

    Considering his age, probably not much of a struggle.


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