I suck at chess

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If somebody just play from boredom... what to expect? If you don't love the game...

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@formatallan who wrote, "I started playing again and I don't know why. Probably because I'm bored. I'm so bad at chess." At the risk of being presumptuous? Albeit, I am only an intermediate player. There is an old saying: "Those who can't do, coach." 

Because the game is based on a 64 square factorial. Notated ranks and files A-H and 1-8. The edge square makes it necessary to rapidly centralize your pieces. The first rule of thumb is never to move your pieces twice in the opening phase of the game because the game is separated into 3 stages; 1) Opening 2) Mid-game 3) Endgame.



Be vigilant of the fact for the purpose of the opening that the pieces typically have a certain value gauge on a point scale. This point is based on the fact that the pawns are commonly used to be the underlying determinate for the value of all the pieces; 1)The pawns value is one point respectively. 2) The Knights and Bishops each count as 3 points, unless one can maintain a bishop pair going into the mid-game then the Bishops (according to Kasparov) are awarding a 3 1/2 point distinction.

Accordingly, one should have an account of the value of the pieces when both attacking the opponents' pieces as well as when defending his own. Using that same standard one should never over workpieces by forgetting their value. You may be aware that there exists another general principle this time regarding the number of attackers of particular geography (square) versus the number of defenders. Simple math really. The number of attackers should be at least one more than the number of defenders. 

Now examine the point value issue I wrote about in this type of struggle for a square (many times at the center of the board commonly referred to as the break when many times the game graduates from opening to midgame) Hypothetically, in a struggle for a square there is a pawn attacking a pawn then the next defender who happens to be in front of any other possible defender like when a Queen defends a square in front of the third defender like the Rook. If the Queen is the only possible defender in a line of defenders and your opponents' second attackers is a Knight. Then the defenders Queen is what we call overworked.



Thanks, good points to digest. 


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