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If you are the 500th replier to this thread...

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    If you are the 500th replier to this thread, I will resign immediately, 5 games in a row to you in online (correspondance) chess, yielding a portion of my rating points to you in that way.

    Now if you feel you would like to say something funny, obtuse, aghast, or  argue about the merits or ethical perspectives of an offer like this, that is perfectly legal within the conditions of this agreement.


       Void where prohibited by law.

       Your mileage may vary.

       Side effect my include:

    • Inability to breathe
    • Temporary tooth loss
    • Redundancy
    • Redundancy
    • Ignorance
    • Complete collapse of civilization
    • Euphoria
    • Skeletal Muscle Relaxation
    • Acute Hyperphasia
    • Public Micturation
    • Unwanted Pregnancy
    • Reverse Peristalsis
    • Rotary Supination
    • Acute Amnesia
    • Dehydration
    • Auroral Hypersensitivity
    • Death
    • Oozing (generalized)
    • Vague sensation of being alive
    • Crankiness
    • All-consuming evil thoughts and deeds
    • Fervent punctuality
    • Vociferous syndrome, type 2 (non-gregarious)
    • Feeling better than you ever thought you could 
    • Inability to identify Coke vs. Pepsi
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    Number 1! Or Number 2. Probably Number 1.

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    reflectivist, there should be a limit to the number of threads you can create.

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    @OP: But lowering your rating in an artificial manner is not legal within the conditions of the Terms of Service of Chess.com.

    You've been a member here for almost four years. Why have you only now decided to so generously sandbag your rating? Or have you shopped this gimmick before?

    Sandbagging is considered cheating on Chess.com and is punished by a permanent ban.

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    You are rated 1000. Resigning 5 games in a row would yield the average player about 20 points. 


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    KingOfHyrule wrote:

    You are rated 1000. Resigning 5 games in a row would yield the average player about 20 points. 


    Um, no, not in online chess.  Much higher.  Like 1700+ from years ago when I used to play that exclusively.

    In blitz I've been playing very tired and impatient and while working and have been getting my ass kicked badly for a few days.  I was maintaining about 1230-1250 for weeks.

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    I always wonder why people care so much about their ratings here. It's not like levels in an mmorpg, where at a higher level you have higher stats and access to better equipment. Being rated 1400 doesn't give you an advantage over someone rated 12000, only playing at the 1400 level does, and you can do that no matter what your rating is.

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    Look, I have 1700+ rating points.  Do you want some of them, or not?

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