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iPhone / iPod Chess Apps

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    Hey all - I'm just wondering if anyone has any experiences they could share regarding the chess-related apps available through iTunes for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  I currently have only tried three: Chess Puzzles, which is not bad for what it is, but is not a full-featured player; Cyber Chess Ultimate Online Chess, which is aimed more at player-vs-player (I use chess.com for that, I'm looking for human-vs-computer apps); and iChess (Evaluation) which isn't bad, but has a nag screen at load-up to get you to buy the full version.  I wouldn't mind paying for a good, unrestricted app, but I'd like to get some info from those who have tried them first.



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    I can't speak to iPhone or iTouch(myself) apps, but the nano chess software from Gameloft is actually not that bad.  It has classic games with annotations and a variety of difficulty levels. 

    I'm pretty sure it's the exact same program that Gameloft releases for cell phones (same features and difficulty levels) which means that if you're around 1800 you'll have little trouble beating it on master, but it's still not a bad little program.

    I'd be interested in hearing about the stuff available for iPhone though... seems a pretty cool little gadget that even a cell phone Luddite like myself might have to take a look at eventually...

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    For human vs. Computer you may want to check the Chess...Back app from gameloft.


    If you have itunes, then click this link: Iphone Chess Apps

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    I'd thoroughly recommend buying the 'Shredder' I think I only paid about £5 for it and it's well worth the money.

    A useful feature of the Shredder is it keeps a record of your score/rating and adjusts it's next playing strength accordingly, although you can manually override it to any strength you wish it to play.

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    I have a few of them that I use regularly, Shredder, Stockfish, and tChess Pro. I'm more of a beginner to chess so I can't exactly speak for their strengths in terms of play, but I'd recommend them all.

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    I like Chess Genius. Quite why, I'm not sure. It's available for both i-things and Android. I think there's a "Lite" version to try out, if you care to. (There is at least on Android.)

    The Android version of Stockfish hasn't worked on the two devices I've tried it on, but with an iPhone/iPad/... it might be different.


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