Is Carlsen good-looking?

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    ronaldo is uber-human

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    EduardGlinkin wrote:
    RecanationOfBobby....Would you like to be a gay multimillionaire world famous soccer player ?

    of course.

    come post on my forum

    Who is better looking, Ronaldo or Neymar?


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    EduardGlinkin wrote:
    Modest,,, your rat looks closely Anishi's wife , look here closely


    As I said, some people fail to be amusing, and are just plain nasty and unpleasant. Thank you for proving my point.

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    Carlsen looks in real not as bad as in some photos. But still not my type... although success makes sexy... nah, still not my type.

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    Look dosent matters what matters is the success which he acheived...... still as per your question he looks fine..... but what matters in front of the fact that he is a world champion

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    RecarnationOfBobby wrote:

    shes very good looking


    I don't think you are looking at her face...SurprisedTongue OutInnocentInnocentInnocent

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    Anna Sharevich should have gotten kicked

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