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Is chess a sport? Ending the debate

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    Maybe this will help.

    Wrestling is a sport,  but the WWE is not.  The WWE takes 'the sport' of wrestling, and they turn it into 'a show'.  The wrestlers in both are in top shape, and are 'physically' going at it, in a very highly 'physical' manner.  (I used females, because It is even easier to understand)

    This is a sport... \/\/\/
    This is not a sport \/\/\/


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    I don't if chess is a sport but it's definitely not just a board game.

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    End it NOW!

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    YaBoyJayden wrote:

    I don't if chess is a sport but it's definitely not just a board game.

      The modern definition of "a board game" is not what would be used to 'define' chess.  Board games have become a whole new thing over the last 100years(or so).
    With games like Monopoly and down the line to Hungry Hippo, Sorry, Chutes and Ladders and Candyland...  it can be understood that chess is not a 'board game' in the same exact vein or stature as such board games.

    Chess was invented no later than the year 600ad.  For over a millennia chess has been a game of kings and queens(literally), a game of knights and generals,
    So no, chess is not what modern western man 'thinks of' when you say "board game".

    There aren't companies that make $12,000 versions of Hungry Hippo out of Mammoth tusk, or 1200$ luxury versions of the game Sorry or Chutes and ladders.

    Chess is not 'that kind of' board game...

    Perception is key.

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    It's a game, a sport and a cheese. rekt


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