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is chess.com rating equal to fide rating

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    The only way to find out the true answer to the question "Is chess.com rating equal to FIDE rating?" is to gather data from a large enough number of people (i.e. at least 30) with both a chess.com rating (classical, blitz, and/or daily) and a FIDE rating (classical, rapid, and/or blitz) and then do some sort of regression analysis to determine if there is any relationship between the two ratings.

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    There are a lot of things that are important in OTB.

    A lot, not chess-related things.

    You might find 1000  players that their OTB rating is close to their on line rating.

    Unfortunately that doesn't mean that someone that has never played OTB will manage to get a rating that is close to his on line rating.Because OTB , has it's own "rules".

        First , the games.

    In on line you play as many games as you want and you can choose your opponents.Meaning points lost can be recovered.

    In an OTB tournament you have a specific amount of games and that's it.If you lose 50 points you need another tournament to recover them.The games are a lot less than on line(obviously).

        Second , emotions and consistency

    In OTB you have to overcome the frustration and the dissapointment of a bad nmove or a bad game and be emotionally ready in the next game to do your best.Inexperienced players collapse after a bad defeat or become overambitious after a good win.In on line you turn off the pc and you play again when you want.In OTB you have specific games in specific days and times.Are you able to leave behind you the bad defeat or the superb win?That's the only way to have consistent results and it's not that easy.

        Third , exhaustion and diet

    A tournament against good opponents is not such an easy affair.Many times it is exhausting.You need good rest and believe it or not good diet.That might also sound easy but it's not because there is that thing called "life" that creates problems all the time.Are you able to overcome the fight you had with your parents last night?Are you able to overcome that your mother is sick?

         Overall a player that has on line rating, let's say  1600, must not hope that he will get OTB 1600 from his first games.In fact it might take quite long before he is able to approach his on line rating because chess performance is related with non-chess qualities that on line players have undeveloped.  


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